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The Subtle Art of Giving…a Gift.

blank mugs gifts

With the holiday season upon us soon, and a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.. every other week it seems, it is time to talk about gift giving.  As our families grow and become extended we often either need to stretch the budget as much as possible, or are becoming less enamoured with what sometimes seem to be “Hallmark Holidays”.  Both are plenty okay in our world. And hey, if you are one of those that loves to gift,  we like that too! (We will send you a list of dates and ages for whom we need gifts picked out for 😉 ) In today’s day and age we are also running into trying to find gifts for someone that has everything, and that is where the Art of Giving comes into play.

We know the personality, we know the humour, and we know we will know the gift when we see it.  Custom gifts fit this void.  Whether they are a coffee or tea drinker, a wine drinker, a beer drinker…there is always a saying that suits them, and we have a glass, mug or stein that we can put it on.  If you can’t find something in the collection of mugs, there is a collection of glassware to choose from as well.  New items are being added all the time.  Still can’t find anything for that one person?  We can do a fully customised version for you.  Send us an email with your request and we will happily get something perfect for that special occasion.

Watch for our custom and novel-tee shirt selection hitting the site soon!


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