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Tis the Season (it really is..)


‘Tis The Season

It’s the season for tourism and Summer destination retailers to start filling their shelves. We have all experienced the overwhelming onslaught of ideas, buzzwords, trends, and hours of trying to pick the right products for your store.

We have all struggled to figure out what is best for our market this coming year. We have watched videos, read blogs (and here you are reading another-thanks for that!), been to trade shows, perused catalogs, and still sometimes, we are unsure.

I just finished watching a video from Cory Christopher (, and I have to share it as it is a culmination of ideas that we have had to figure out on our own over the past couple of seasons (being new to the trade-so to speak). Cory shares with us today’s traveler.

Standing out amongst beavers.

This really reinforced what we have been finding out on our own, which led us to the creation of our own products. We developed a line of goods for our visitors that met the needs of the traveler that had limited space but still wanted to remember the experience. Between backpackers, bus riders, or the international families that visit Wells Gray Park (#localplug) each year, we found that much of what we originally carried for them was too big and didn’t fit within their means to get it home safely.

We were able to customize (one of this years key buzzwords) products to our specific area letting our visitors take home part of their experience.


After a more than successful year of introducing these new products, we have decided to offer them to other retailers this year. We would love to share our collections with you and your guests. Every product is able to be customized to your area, and we have the ability to create new products quickly and easily for your market.

If you had access to quality products that sell (and show great) at low minimums and good margins, would you be interested? Of course you would. Reach out  today and we will send you our wholesale catalogs and price lists.  Check out THIS link for a smoking deal on the wooden business cards!


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