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Since 1965, we have brought you the best quality brand names in the industry.  Originally that industry was logging.  From the front porch of our house, to the two and three bay garages, then into a 1500 sq. ft. garage and finally now into 3000 sq. ft. of new retail space, Greffard’s has been here to help you with great quality and great pricing.  A family run operation since the onset (often the youngest child deciding he is boss for the day) with deep roots in the community, we still continue to bring you quality products at reasonable prices.

In 2012 we started creating the Greenscapes Naturals bath & body lineup. That has grown into our “Naturals” line under Bigfoot Trading Co.  All bath and body products are made in our dedicated work space by ourselves.  Every batch of soap is recorded and logged and all products are registered with the Canadian government. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

We also have added the wooden sign category.  With nearly a full wood shop in our secondary work space, we have the ability to create many different types of signs, on many different types of wood.  From the stained wood you see here on the site, to live edge custom birch, spruce, fir and cedar.  A local sawmill does a lot of cutting for us to give us the specifications we need.

With the ability to do the laser engraved signs comes the ability to do etched glass work.  Whether you are looking for novelty glass ware or custom stuff for a wedding or other event, we can help you.



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